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MPI Training FAQ

What is the MPI Training program?
What format is the training in?

The training courses are online, accessible for 90 days via our website with a User ID and Password. The courses are separated into modules; for example the Level 1 Essentials course has 8 modules. At the end of each module there is a downloadable Q&A to help you test your knowledge acquired by studying the module. The first 3 courses also have downloadable 'important notes' which are a very useful study and recap aid.

Note: there is no PDF or hard copy of the full courses available.

Are there classroom or webinar options for the MPI Training program?

Not currently, the MPI Training programs are only available as online courses for the individual students.

How long will the training take?

For each course you have 90 days to complete the online training and examination. The level 1 Essentials course takes on average 8 hours to read through all of the information, which can be done at your own pace. For example, some students will study for about half 30 minutes a day to fit in with their busy work schedules. The 2nd and 3rd Level courses contain about double the information contained in the 1st level.

How do you take the examination?

The examination(s) are online, as per the training. You access the exam via your User ID and password. The questions are multiple choice, separated by module. You have a set amount of time to complete each module, a countdown is displayed at the top of each page. You have 3 hours overall to complete the examination. Depending on which level you are taking, most people will complete the examination within a couple of hours. The 2nd and 3rd level course exams need to be booked (reserved) as they are proctored via Skype.

How does the Proctored Exam work? 

When you begin your Level 2 or 3 course please book your exam shortly after registering. You can do this by clicking the ‘Book Now’ button on the training contents page. This will take you to a booking services where you can choose an available time slot. Either 9am-12pm or 12pm-3pm (pacific time) It is advised to book in advance, before your expiry date. To book you will need to enter your User ID, Address and Skype ID. You can either add as a contact on your skype or wait for a contact request. You will be called via skype just before your start time, to check your ID and get you set up in the exam via the training page. The proctor will turn off their camera and microphone during the exam, but will be available if you have any difficulties (not to do with answers).

What if I do not know how to use Skype or if it is set up correctly?

You can contact to arrange a skype test before your exam.

Can I order more than one course at a time?

Yes, there are certain discounted training packages depending on your requirements. You may only take one course at a time and must complete the first level before moving on to the next level. Please visit our store to view the ‘Training Packages’ or contact for more details.

Can I book training for a group of students?

Yes, we can arrange a volume price (discounts apply) for your group training requirements. Once purchased the assigned group manager can provide us with a list of the students names and email addresses. We will then set up the students and will email them information on how to access their training directly. The group manager will have access to a group manager admin page where they can track the registered students’ progress. Please contact for more details and to arrange a tailored quotation.

What happens if I fail the examination?

You have two attempts at taking the online examination, if you do not succeed the first time you can go back and study the area(s) which you feel you may not feel competent in and then retake the examination again (after a 24 hour period of time).

I have taken other coating courses, for example the NACE/SSPC/AMPP training, do I still need to take all of the MPI training course or does that count towards it?

All courses in the MPI training program need to be successfully completed before moving on to the next level. The MPI courses cover many other substrates and areas that an Industrial training course will not have covered, so we cannot count other training courses towards the MPI training program.

Are the MPI Accreditations recognized in the Industry?

Yes, MPI accreditation is more and more often being added to specifications as a contractor requirement. Store personnel and other coating representatives are also using the MPI accreditation as proof of their commitment to quality, coating education and an elevation of the coating industry. MPI Architectural Inspection is also required in many specifications currently.

What happens if I cannot complete the course and examination within the 90 day time limit?

In special circumstances we can extend the expiry for a further 30 days, contact if this is required.

I have forgotten my User ID and cannot access my course, what can I do?

Please contact with any problems you may have accessing the course. She will be able to provide you with the information that you need.

What do I get if I successfully complete the course?

You will get a student “result e-mail” confirming your successful completion; this has a links to downloadable badges for your accreditation that can be used on business cards and letters heads etc.. and a PDF Award of Completion attached. Your successful completion will also be listed in the MPI eNewsletter Paint Matters (option to opt out. To subscribe please click HERE)

What accreditations do you receive upon successfully completing the courses?

  1. Essentials of Paint and Painting Technology – Architectural Coatings Technologist (ACT)
  2. Architectural Painting - Architectural Coatings Specialist (ACS)
  3. Maintenance Repainting - Maintenance Coatings Specialist (MCS)
  4. Paint Quality Assurance - Paint Quality Assurance (PQA)

Does completion of the four MPI training program courses make me an MPI certified Inspector?

No. To become an MPI Certified Architectural Coatings Inspector all four MPI training courses must be successfully completed, PLUS the completion of the Inspector Assessment. The Inspector Assessment consists of a resume review, 5 report case studies and a peer review. Is the Inspector Assessment is successful, only then can someone become an MPI Certified Architectural Coatings Inspector. An updated list of the MPI Certified Architectural Coatings Inspectors can be found on the MPI webpage - LINK. For more information on the Inspector Assessment please contact

How do I become an MPI Certified Architectural Coatings Inspector?

You must first successfully complete all four courses in the MPI Training Program. Then you must meet the criteria required for the Inspector Assessment, and successfully complete the Inspector Assessment (see below).

If you are successful in the Inspector assessment you will receive the designation MPI Certified Architectural Coatings Inspector (MCACI) and be listed on our website as an MPI Certified Architectural Coatings Inspector.

What is the Inspector Assessment?

After successful completion of MPI Level 4 – Paint Quality Assurance, the student will have the opportunity to apply for the Inspector Assessment, which is required to use of the designation 'MPI Certified Architectural coatings Inspector'

NOTE:  Only those that successfully complete the full Inspector assessment will be classed as 'MPI Certified Architectural coatings Inspector' and listed on the MPI Certified Architectural Coatings Inspector Page on the MPI website. Anyone not listed has not met the requirements to become an as 'MPI Certified Architectural coatings Inspector'

What are the prerequisites for the Inspector Assessment?

You must pass all of the following courses and meet or exceed all of the required criteria before you can apply for the Inspector Assessment.

  1. Essentials of Paint and Painting Technology
  2. Architectural Painting Specification
  3. Maintenance Repainting Specification
  4. Paint Quality Assurance
What is the criteria required for the Inspector Assessment?

All of the following criteria is mandatory to become an MPI Certified Architectural Coatings Inspector:
Professional Experience:

  • Minimum of ten years experience and certification in the paint industry
  • Equivalent of TQ (Tradesman Qualifications)
  • Minimum of Grade 12 education
  • Strong computer skills and ease with various computer programs
  • Supervisory skills (ability to guide and instruct as well as control situations)
What is the Inspector Assessment?

If the Inspector Assessment is approved, a link will be forwarded, to purchase the Inspector Assessment. Once payment has been made, the candidate will be emailed the first of 5 case studies (2 Architectural and 3 Maintenance Repainting) to be completed and e-mailed back for review. Only if each case study is approved, will the next case study be forwarded for completion (see termination and appeal process below) The case studies will be evaluated at each stage and if necessary, after completion of all of the case studies, the candidate will be asked to have a formal meeting (in person, by phone or by Skype) with MPI technical representatives. The decision will then be made, by the review board, if the applicant has been successful, or not. The applicant will be notified in writing and sent an Inspector Agreement to sign.

What is the Termination and Appeal process for the Inspector Assessment?

Once a case study is complete it will be emailed back for review by qualified professionals. Once approved the next case study will be forwarded on for completion.  The candidate has up to three attempts at successfully completing a case study, if MPI finds the completed case study to be incorrect or insufficient, we will provide some guidance and ask the candidate to resubmit. After the third attempt we reserve the right to terminate the assessment if we conclude that the answers given are not correct or do not sufficiently reflect the role of a certified coatings inspector. We may also terminate the Inspector Assessment if we determine that the candidate represents themselves in a manner unsuitable for the role of an MPI Certified Architectural Coatings Inspector. The candidate may appeal a termination decision once. Following the appeal, if the termination stands, the application fee will be refunded.

What do you get upon successful completion of the Inspector Assessment?

Students who successfully complete the Inspector Assessment, receive:

  • The accreditation ‘MPI Certified Architectural Coatings Inspector’ (MCACI)
  • It also allows you to use the title ‘MPI Certified Architectural Coating Inspector’.
  • You will also receive a digital certificate, digital badge to use on emails and a badge sticker. Plus a PDF Inspectors handbook.
  • The MPI Certified Architectural Coating Inspector will receive an MPI Inspection ID number. The Inspector’s name and ID number will be posted on the MPI website for the entire time they remain certified.

NOTE: Anyone that has not successfully completed the MPI Training program and Inspector assessment should not be using the designation MPI Certified Architectural Coatings Inspector, or any form of ‘MPI Inspector’ title.  If one person within a company has the designation, that does not allow others in the company to claim the same designation. In some cases, this could lead to termination of the use of the designation by the original holder.
Are there any re-certification requirements?

Re-certification (every 3 years) – The inspector will be required to show proof that he or she has been active in the architectural inspection field (written specifications, consultations, inspection reports, etc.).

The inspector may also be required to complete 2 to 3 case studies for review.

Where can I read testimonials on the MPI Training program?
Where can I provide feedback on the MPI Training program?

Feedback on the MPI Training Program can be provided - HERE