MPI’s Testing and Listing Program

Get your products listed on MPI’s Approved Products List (APL) today! MPI’s APL is both included in the American Institute of Architect’s MasterSpec and used directly by contractors, specifiers, asset owners, and more to find the right product for the job. Products listed in the APL have been tested to ensure they meet rigorous performance requirements. Testing is varied for each category, and includes ASTM methods for such as flexibility, gloss, adhesion, accelerated weathering, and several in-house developed tests to ensure the products can perform where they’re used. Testing for most categories is biennial, being set on a two-year schedule, so you can have confidence that the listed products are still being checked for performance.

Testing & Listing


New Manufacturers
New Manufacturers
The Master Painter's Glossary

New to MPI and looking to either list products or just understand what MPI offer? Go here to learn more about the Testing and Listing program, and to get started.

Current Manufacturers
Current Manufacturers
The Master Painter's Glossary

Access the Customer Portal, to submit an application, check statuses, or download final reports. Also view documents such as common questions, testing costs, and testing schedules.

Performance Standards
Performance Standards The Master Painter's Glossary

Discover the differences in types of MPI Performance standards, including Intended Use, Evaluated Performance, Detailed Performance and X-Green.

Standards Community The Master Painter's Glossary

Join the industry in working with MPI to enhance paint testing standards, or suggest new standards, with MPI’s Standards Community.

Knowledge Base The Master Painter's Glossary

Check out our Knowledge Base for commonly asked questions and answers on anything from standard types to the benefits of listing with MPI.

Environmental Performance
The Master Painter's Glossary

To keep pace with modern developments, and support the selection of environmentally friendly coatings, MPI offers the Extreme Green™ (“X-Green”) standards, which incorporate MPI’s Green Performance Standards (GPS).