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MPI Architectural Painting Decision Tree™

MPI decision Tree™

A tool to assist with specifying coatings on new-build Architectural and Commercial coatings projects.


MPI Architectural Painting Decision Tree™ (ASM) tool takes you through the following steps to a tailored specification:

  1. Project Form
  2. Setting (Interior or exterior)
  3. Substrate
  4. Surface (Subtype)
  5. Surface Information and Options
  6. Conditions
  7. Desired Finish
  8. Performance Criteria
  9. Grade Selection
  10. Save Selection
  11. Project Details

Purchase options:

Individual purchase 1 or 2 year subscription:

  • Online Subscription for the MPI Architectural Painting Decision Tree™ (1yr) - $375
  • Online Subscription for the MPI Architectural Painting Decision Tree™ (2yr) - $675
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Bundled options for 1 or 2 year subscription:

  • Online Subscription for both ASM DT + RSM DT (1yr) - $675
  • Online Subscription for both ASM DT + RSM DT (2yr) - $1,275
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MPI decision Tree™


From the final page you will get the following:

  • List of the chosen systems, and corresponding MPI APL #.
  • List of the MPI Approved products based on the systems chosen, that you can then filter by manufacturer, green options, and other filters. To be output into a paint finishing schedule excel document.
  • A complete Interior or Exterior specification downloadable word document, that includes your project details and chosen systems.
  • A downloadable/editable paint finishing schedule, with the products that make up the chosen systems.


  • Save money – help you choose the right products for the project quickly and reduce the chances you have a coatings failure.
  • Saves time – by walking you through the decision making process rather than flipping through all the source materials, you don’t have to know all the systems by heart to choose the correct one.
  • Reduces risk – you are more likely to choose the correct system, products, and surface preparation.
  • Helps you capture more details so you miss less– with interactive prompts to help make sure you don’t forget any details.
  • Helps ensure you take into account all conditions.
  • Simplifies specifying; making it easier to choose a reliable MPI Coatings system, suitable for the particular requirements of most new build architectural coatings projects.

Who would benefit from using this product?

  • Architects, Specifiers, Inspectors, Contractors, Paint Manufacturers, Paint Store Representatives, Facility Owners and anyone that works with coatings projects.

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