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MPI# listingbrand Label Product Name Code E-Range OTC/EC Leed EPR GPS-1 GPS-2
1 Davis Paint Ever Bright Aluminum Paint 0635 2
8 Davis Paint Ever Bright Shake And Shingle 0850 2
9 Davis Paint Ever-Bright High Gloss Enamel Rust Inhibitive 5800 1
28 Davis Paint Davis Paint Marine Spar Varnish 45391 1
32 Davis Paint Davis Zone Marking Paint 0416/0417/0418 0
75 Davis Paint Eventone Varnish Clear Gloss 0395 3
94 Davis Paint Da-Tex Alkyd Int/Ext Low Lustre Enamel 5455 2
100 Davis Paint Davis Boiled Linseed Oil X4 3 3